Durable and low maintenance


Central electronics for CAN bus systems

Our central electronics are suitable for extensive power distribution on the machine, with supply to any number of channels. A voltage supply of 12 or 24 volts and currents of up to 100A are possible. All channels can be equipped with voltage, current and temperature measurement. The measured values of the central electronics function are directly available via CAN bus. In addition, all electronic fuses are specifically adjustable and can be parametrized with different tripping characteristics. The central electronics are completely maintenance-free. Galvanic isolation between electronics and load is possible Individual housing and mounting options are available.
Our products are mechanically and electronically robust.
Minimal maintenance
Our products require very little maintenance.
High performance
Our products are geared to all requirements.

Application areas and possibilities

  • Self-propelled agricultural machinery
  • Complex implements
  • Monitoring of the entire machine electronics

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