Intelligent assemblies


High performance control units

Our control units, which can communicate via CAN bus and ethernet, have extremely high computing power thanks to a 32-bit processor. They can be equipped with different I/Os. The power supply can be designed for onboard networks of 12 or 24 volts. Intelligent algorithms and smart error handling ensure that our control units are particularly reliable. Switching capacities of up to 100A can be implemented in the control units. Our software framework allows free programming for our customers. To ensure the robustness of the control units, we use die-cast aluminum and plastic housings as well as electronic encapsulation. We offer both commercially available as well as customized control units.
Computing power
Our products have extremely high computing power.
Our products have a long service life.
Our products are mechanically and electronically robust.

Application areas and possibilities

  • Self-propelled agricultural machinery
  • Complex implements
  • Switching of compressed air

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