Reliable, robust, and maintenance-free


Electronic motor controllers

We offer both direct current (DC) as well as brushless direct current (BLDC) motor controllers – also without sensors upon request. Our motor controllers communicate via the standard CAN bus. With continuous power of up to 200 watts in the standard version, our motor controllers can drive one or more motors. Intelligent control algorithms enable rapid and simple error handling thanks to a monitoring function, and they make our motor controllers particularly reliable and maintenance-free. Upon request, an acceleration sensor and additional sensor inputs can be easily integrated. Individual housing geometries, a wide variety of mounting options as well as individual cable outlets allow maximum flexibility in terms of fulfilling the specific requirements placed on them. Thanks to the robust design of the individual modules, our motor controllers are also particularly durable.
Our products are mechanically and electronically robust.
Our products have a long service life.
High performance
Our products are geared to all requirements.

Application areas and possibilities

  • Seed singulation
  • Dosing of seed and fertilizer
  • Pump drive and control

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