SMART AgLIGHT revolutionizes working light

In cooperation with REICHHARDT GmbH Steuerungstechnik, a unique intelligent work light system has been developed based on BHTronik LED modules.

This new type of LED lighting can distribute the light in a continuously variable manner for long-distance and close-range illumination by individually controlling and networking the diffusing lenses of the worklights. This ensures optimum illumination of the entire work area at all times. Precise, storable lighting profiles, adapted to equipment combinations and operating conditions, are operated via ISO-VT and mobile terminals.

In this working light system called SMART AgLIGHT, sections of the diffusing lens are coated with liquid crystal polymer. These are individually cross-linked and controlled, and thus provide infinitely variable, targeted bundling or diffusion of the light. The change between far-field and near-field illumination is infinitely variable within milliseconds. There is no wear and tear due to complex mechanics. This results in exact, storable light profiles for all device combinations and operating conditions. State-of-the-art lighting technology also permits stepless adjustment of the luminous intensity. Separate spotlights for close-range and long-distance illumination are no longer required.

The new worklight system can therefore be integrated by vehicle manufacturers at any time.

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