The compact solution for networking your agricultural machinery


ISOBUS TaskController and Data Logger with telemetry

The compact and portable ISOconnect telemetry box with integrated ISOBUS task controller (TC-GEO, TC-BAS, LOG) and data logger is simply plugged into the in-cabin connector in the tractor cab, and thus easily linked to the machine. ISOconnect has an internal data memory of 2 GB to 32 GB and boasts a number of practical product features. These include a clearly structured VT-client user interface on the ISOBUS terminal, a customizable data interface to your cloud or app, and a convenient RGB status-LED display. GSM 4G, Bluetooth, WiFi and USB are available as market-compliant interfaces for bidirectional data exchange between the machine and the cloud. Furthermore, an RS232 interface enables the additional integration of a GPS receiver.

Good to know

ISOconnect can be adapted easily to individual customer requirements. It is possible, for instance, to include additional useful functions or simply to customize the design with your own (company) logo. We also offer additional hardware in the ISOconnect family in the form of the ISOconnect ECU. This is intended for use with implements and has the IP67 protection class. In addition, there is a GPS receiver on board. Both the ISOconnect and the ISOconnect ECU are freely programmable and can be supplied with or without application software.

Your advantages


Our products are generally compact for easy integration.


Our products are designed to be flexible in use.


Our products are developed to be user-friendly.

Application areas and possibilities

Thanks to its exceptional functionality and flexibility, ISOconnect is versatile in use:

  • Wireless connection between machines and the cloud
  • Transfer of ISOBUS tasks, process data, firmware updates and service data
  • ISOBUS TaskController to control ISOBUS machines
  • ISOBUS Data Logger to collect process data from ISOBUS machines


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